Friday, June 24, 2011

Double Negative "The Wonderful and Frightening World of..." CD

Technically Disfigured:
I'll die before I feel your pain
You wanna look the same
Don't wanna wake up and see
Faces lookin strange
Bashed and disfigured before my eyes

Now stop the clock, stop the clock
You're tired of waking up from your
Only peace, you wanna pay up,
Get cut up, get disfigured

Look in the mirror, see them
Peelin back your skin
Face sawed off, but you're lookin thin,
You're bashed and disfigured, bleed
Sunken eyes

Strapped in, mapped out and null
Numbed down deep drone safe lull
Dropped into a stop, to a star shot
Crushed into dust
Shot deep/ Lost on the edge
Shot deep/ shifted red
Dark freeze/ Drifting and cold
Dark freeze/ Fragmented fused into gold
Fiery fall
Washed up, bleached by the sun
Plucked from the wet sand by a gull
Dropped into a cup
On a hook stuck
Pulled by the sea plunged deep
Plunged deep/Buried in the floor
Plunged deep/Dredged into the shore
Plunged deep/Polished by surf
Plowed free/lucked by the wet sand by a
Girl threaded and tangled in hair

Looking At The Rats:
We're all in the gutter
But I'm looking at the rats

Stop Growing:
I can't take this shit no more, no more
No more will I suffocate under your
Blanket of lies. I know there's got to be a better
Way, I'll get away

I'm suffocated in my tracks
A tumor benigned but uncutoff

How did I get here, naked and degraded
With red eyes and helpless, hopeless
Another bow to authority
My intellect, time, and energy
Squandered in their game for a
Pittance never no more

Stop growing, I can't stop growing

The fate of the innocent in the hands of the
Guilty, I'll take back my time and creativity

Stop growing, I won't stop growing

Scattered on the floor unnoticed
Carelessly tossed and fallen
No further from design than perfect
But loose, lost, forgotten

Cradled somehow still

Like I could die on the sand, a helpless
Swimmer, ripcurrent of lust
I hate you, why don't you just fuckin say it
Complicit convenience
A ball of violence in my heart
Like I could die

Like I could die on the sand,
A helpless swimmer
Ripcurrent of lust
Can't you see I've got blood inside of me
Complicit convenience and habit
Connected by blood
Unmistaken as love

Retro Abortion:
Again I go through these emotions, standing forever still
Beset by low expectation, I'm walking out now
Back in the box/I won't get back in the box
I waited there for years without a word
Of criticism, just a perfect citizen, solitary imprisonment
Again with these emotions, I sacrificed one hundred
Thousand hours of my life
Beset by my own limited perception
On someone else's dream, never waking up
Never thought I could just walk away
But I won't keep lining their pockets
Instead of mine
Live by your own rules, you're gonna die defending theirs
Those rules you own, so get busy bending them
Again I go through these motions, standing forever still
Beset by low expectation, no point, exclamation
Walkin out/I won't wait/I'm walkin' out now/I won't wait/No

Ritual referencing
Elegant, testable
Situation revisiting
Abstractable levels
Pattern recognition
Self engineering
Skeptical faith
Lazy mistakes
Spiraling inward
Trajectory sinward
No response
Do the recurse
Recurse, recursed.
Handle one, then the rest
So much power, so few steps
Do the recurse

The Jacket:
You'll get the jacket, the jacket
When you can pry it
When you can pry it, try it
You'll get the jacket
Pry it off my cold dead corpse
Pry it off my cold dead corpse
Lifeless, bloody, but not cold
Luckless wormfood, but not cold
The jacket keeps it warm
The jacket keeps it warm
Maggot infested, but not cold
Discarded earth suit, but not cold
Pry it off my cold dead corpse
The jacket keeps it warm

Mein Trappe:
No thoughts can get out
No memories can escape
So watch out
These pillars of salt we dissolve
Kill beers
Wild dolls
Rewind, that song
Future dissolve
History undone, undone
No more thoughts can get out
No memories can escape
Fix the past and the future's destroyed
These pillars of salt we dissolve
Kill beers, wild dogs
Dry the street in their bodies
And blood
That's all
Future dissolve
History undone, undone

Pond and Prairie:
Entrusted with gifts
Whose beauty only glimpsed
Tasted by all to extents
Closer to god
Closer to god
Closer to god
Ravaged and reshaped
In love with your flesh
Worship your face
Worship your excrement
The unseen giver
In occlusion
With the human race
Cut holes in our eyes
Stir up seedy three
Winged wire eaters
Go swimming in filth
Tread drowning through
Roomfuls of spittle
Deliciously superficial

Total Abuse S/T LP

I already had this on CD but bought it on LP, partially so I could put the lyrics up. You're welcome.

Cold Sweat "Blinded" CD

One of my favorite bands ever. Phenomenal lyrics.

Monday, June 6, 2011

No Class "Keine Klasse" (S/T) LP

Word To Live By:
I'm just the reminder of the life you helped create
What gives you the right, the right to talk to me?
I want to burst your bubble
I wanna sit back and watch you fail
You better watch it, watch out
I got no class
A good night is when I dream of hating you
A bad night's when I don't dream at all
I guess you found your clique, I guess we're not the same
I know who I am and I know what to blame
I got no class, no class

Shut Me Up/Shut You Out:
I don't think so and I don't think so and you... can't walk over my face
It's not me it's not me man, so what's with you? So what's with you?
You're lying and you're lying and you... you know the truth
So if you think you can... shut me up, I'll shut you out
You shut me up, I'll shut you out
You better and you better cause you better get it right
Get it fast and get it the fuck straight
You better get your facts straight

Tired. Bored. Angry. Violent.
How come I'm the one that's crazy?
Has the world gone insane?
Just keep thinking everything's fine but I ain't gonna walk your line
You know what time it is? I think it's time, it's time...
It's time for you to leave, you can't see it but I can see it
And I've been seeing things every day and they aren't in my head
Cause there's nothing in my fucking head
Tired, bored, angry, and violent

Calling You Out:
Something happened to you
You changed, I lived it, I seen it...
Places I can't go, you trying to stick me in a fucking hole
This is my city and I'm taking it fucking back
You had me buy in and then you sold me out
And this is me calling you out
Saw you the other day, who you playing?
You fucking bitch, who you playing?
I'm calling you out.

Step Back Revisited/Finest Hour:
I've never been so tied down, so step back
I've got questions, where's the fucking answers? So step back
It's so funny how my life just amounted to nothing, so keep laughing and step back
Because my life just amounted to nothing
You got things to say, well I ain't gonna listen
You better step off and better start moving
You say you got some power? Well this is my finest hour
Fuck you in your ivory tower.
Well this is my finest hour.
Well this is my finest hour.
Keep playing games with my mind, play these games, bet your life
You got things to say well I ain't gonna listen
Just like way back when...
You never fucking listened.
You say you got some power? Well this is my finest hour
Fuck you in your ivory tower.
Well this is my finest hour.
Well this is my finest hour.
Keep playing games with my mind, play these games, bet your life
Keep on wasting my time, waste your time, not mine
And your rules don't apply to me, no... no they don't.
Keep playing games with my mind.

The Queen:
Stop playing games with my mind cause I don't like it
Now she's using her eyes and I don't like it
It's okay, you can be the queen, it's okay, it's okay
And I'm the lonely one, cause you just need it
It's your idea of fun, cause you just need it
Is this your idea of fucking fun? Well it's not mine, man.
And I'm the lonely one
It's your idea of fun, and you can be the queen... of fucking whatever.

Power Play:
If I keep looking for answers I may just go blind
I just need to be satisfied with being shit out of luck
And I ain't gonna be your power play
So why don't you just spit it out
What you really wanna say, say it
I really want to hear your lame excuse, so just fucking say it
And I ain't gonna be your power play, your power play.

You're Over:
You games are something I ain't playing
You lies are something I ain't buying
You better wake up and take a look
Look your games they're done, they're through, they're over
You're over
Your jokes are something I ain't digging
Your laughs are something I ain't taking
You better wake up and take a look... you're games, they're done. They're over.

Crossed Wires:
I think you think that I ain't thinking straight
Well you got... you got your wires crossed
What's wrong? I ain't feeling right in the fucking head today
What's wrong? I just don't care
I hear what you're saying, I'm off my rocker
Well you got... you got your wires crossed

Hate Crime:
The way you treat me is like a hate crime.
And now you're coming around, you got the noose on my neck
And you're stringing me up and you're leaving me for dead.

**As always, when I type these out it's an arbitrary combination of the lyric sheet and the way the song goes. So I highly recommend you listen to this LP to get all the extra repeats and "fucking's" because it adds a lot more power. No Class rules.

Monday, May 30, 2011

V/A "The World Itself Is A Bad Dream" CS

Vaccuum Demo CS

Omegas "Blasts of Lunacy" LP

The Rival Mob "Hardcore for Hardcore" 7" EP

Hoax S/T 7" EP

I'm a faggot, you told me so.
I'm a faggot, you let me know.
And when I die, you'll know why.

Whole world is melting
Live like a jerk
Head up my ass
Swimming to work
Hell cranked up the heat
Now shit's going down
Built up a world
Just to tear it down
Big fucking surprise
No one gives a shit
Fuck what we know
We squander it
Scorched earth
Living on a shell
Desperate masses
Who's ever heard of painless hell?

Dead Weight:
Abort me
Don't leave it up to me
Spare yourself
It's time
End it
Cut the fucking card
You'll regret it
I'm so much dead weight
I'll make your life hell
I know you deserve better
Than this shit
Don't sign up for it
You think I'm better?
I'm fucking worse

I lie to your face
My breath smells like lies
I'm weak in the knees
And shit on the inside
Nail it down
I'm a leech
Broke. I'm staying in.
I'll grip your shit
Fucking creep.
I'll stab you in the back
Don't want to see your face

Omegas "Sonic Order" 7" EP

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tipper's Gore S/T CD

Rabies "Test Your Might" CD

Stalag 13 "In Control" CD

Rich Kids on LSD "Keep Laughing" CD

Agression "The Best of" CD

Timebombs "Mumbling" 10"

Nomos "Notes From The Acheron" one-sided 12"

A Witness:
I can't deny my pride
Outworn mind in a time outworn
Let me bleed
Don't help me
Rip out my insides
Hang me upside down
You can't destroy me, friend
Outworn heart in a time outworn
Let me bleed
Don't help me
Rip out my insides
Hang me upside down
Why do I try?
Fail to exist
The world rotates slowly under calloused feet
I wrap my heart in hardened skin

Kicking alone through decimation
Rain pouring in a state of crazed exhaustion
Pride over ripened into madness
Pain over ripened into violence
Fear has finally saved someone
What has our substance become?
Tell me what you are dreaming
I'll tell you what is real
Nothing to feel
Anything is useless
Nothing matters except everything
Landscape rolls westward

We are temporary in this game
The burnout ends of smoky days
Winter once kept us warm
Free from nature's scorn
Stirring dulls roots with spring rain
A dead tree gives no shelter

What the fuck do you know?
You live with a cancerous heart
Infecting all actions taken
Infecting all virgin souls
I can't take this
Let me be
I can't take this
You can't break me
No more of your shit
No more of your lies
I'm not a fucking fool
I'm not a fucking sucker
What am I supposed to do?
These walls are closing in
I can't stomach it anymore

Fears of these epidemics
Nature's revenge on my body
The river ran up the ravine
The woods drifted up the mountain
The rain fell and gurgled in the ruts
Salt bleached skin
Already held in the lowest regard
Reality nothing
Reality nothing
What have I held on to?
Skin me
Hang my blemished hide
Beat me
Tarnish my mutilated pride
This will infect you too

The Fall:
I know that I shall meet my fate
The end will come
Waste of breath
In balance with this life
The end
The pain of another existence
Another chance to fuck up
Vague memories, nothing but memories
I am as ignorant as the passing dawn
Ignorant as the passing dawn

Walls "Tread On Me" one-sided 12"

Posted by request.

Dry-Rot "Philistine" LP

Face the Rail S/T LP

Raw Nerve S/T LP

Sex Vid "Communal Living" 12"

Timebombs "I Belong In Hell" LP