Friday, February 25, 2011

Annihilation Time "Cosmic Unconsciousness" 7" EP

I somehow scanned this without realizing that there aren't even any lyrics on it, but since I already went to the trouble I'll just leave it here. Half the reason I post any of these anyway is just because I like the layout and art on some of the sleeves/inserts... not like many of the lyrics are really that great. Ha.

Civic Progress "Petroleum Man" 7" EP

Time To Escape S/T 7" EP

Fresh Meat "Leather Daddy" 7" EP

V/A "No Bullshit Vol. 3" Compilation 7" EP

V/A "No Bullshit Vol. 4" Compilation 7" EP

Funeral Shock S/T 7" EP

Bukkake Boys 2nd S/T 7" EP

Coke Bust Demo 7" EP

Tipper's Gore "Unsettling Loss" 7" EP

Harelip S/T 7" EP

Gross Negligence S/T 7" EP

Sniffing Glue "Suburban Suicide, Suburban Violence" 7" EP

Raw Power "Wop Hour" 7" EP

Insomnio "Walking On The String" 7" EP

Life Trap "Solitary Confinement" 7" EP

Life Trap "Bleak Reality" 7" EP

Destroy L.A. "Vandalize" 7" EP

Citizens Patrol "Sick Routine" 7" EP

Acid Reflux S/T 7" EP

Social Circkle "I've Got Afflictions" 7" EP

Social Circkle "Static Eyes" 7" EP

Cardiac Arrest "Life's A Dead End" 7" EP

Government Warning "Arrested" 7" EP

Government Warning "No Way Out" 7" EP

Wasted Time "No Shore" 7" EP

Wasted Time S/T 7" EP

Cloak/Dagger "Don't Need A" 7" EP

Nightstick Justice "Claustrophobic" 7" EP

Vile Nation "No Exit" 7" EP

Dark Ages "Vicious Lie" 7" EP