Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Front Line "Basic Training" 7" EP

Lackey Die S/T 7" EP

Shock Value "Yellow Peril" 7" EP

Trench Rot "Tyrant" 7" EP

Rational Animals "Cross Eyed Delights" b/w "Way After Midnight" 7"

Goosebumps S/T 7" EP

Kremlin "Will You Feed Me?" 7" EP

Total Wreck S/T 7" EP

Brain Slug "Distort New York" 7" EP

Inmates "Now We Talkin Hardcore!" 7" EP

Darvocets "Are New Wave" CS

Violent Ramp "Strange Notes" insert

Just for funnin'

Kim Phuc Demo CS

Warzone Womyn Demo CS

Kremlin Tour Tape 2012 (LP Preview)

Also posted just for the hell of it.

Dirty Work Tour Tape Insert

Posted just for the hell of it

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Sorry this took as long as usual and thanks again, Jake. Blogspot loves to completely fuck up the order of the pictures. Deal with it.