Monday, May 30, 2011

V/A "The World Itself Is A Bad Dream" CS

Vaccuum Demo CS

Omegas "Blasts of Lunacy" LP

The Rival Mob "Hardcore for Hardcore" 7" EP

Hoax S/T 7" EP

I'm a faggot, you told me so.
I'm a faggot, you let me know.
And when I die, you'll know why.

Whole world is melting
Live like a jerk
Head up my ass
Swimming to work
Hell cranked up the heat
Now shit's going down
Built up a world
Just to tear it down
Big fucking surprise
No one gives a shit
Fuck what we know
We squander it
Scorched earth
Living on a shell
Desperate masses
Who's ever heard of painless hell?

Dead Weight:
Abort me
Don't leave it up to me
Spare yourself
It's time
End it
Cut the fucking card
You'll regret it
I'm so much dead weight
I'll make your life hell
I know you deserve better
Than this shit
Don't sign up for it
You think I'm better?
I'm fucking worse

I lie to your face
My breath smells like lies
I'm weak in the knees
And shit on the inside
Nail it down
I'm a leech
Broke. I'm staying in.
I'll grip your shit
Fucking creep.
I'll stab you in the back
Don't want to see your face

Omegas "Sonic Order" 7" EP

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tipper's Gore S/T CD

Rabies "Test Your Might" CD

Stalag 13 "In Control" CD

Rich Kids on LSD "Keep Laughing" CD

Agression "The Best of" CD

Timebombs "Mumbling" 10"

Nomos "Notes From The Acheron" one-sided 12"

A Witness:
I can't deny my pride
Outworn mind in a time outworn
Let me bleed
Don't help me
Rip out my insides
Hang me upside down
You can't destroy me, friend
Outworn heart in a time outworn
Let me bleed
Don't help me
Rip out my insides
Hang me upside down
Why do I try?
Fail to exist
The world rotates slowly under calloused feet
I wrap my heart in hardened skin

Kicking alone through decimation
Rain pouring in a state of crazed exhaustion
Pride over ripened into madness
Pain over ripened into violence
Fear has finally saved someone
What has our substance become?
Tell me what you are dreaming
I'll tell you what is real
Nothing to feel
Anything is useless
Nothing matters except everything
Landscape rolls westward

We are temporary in this game
The burnout ends of smoky days
Winter once kept us warm
Free from nature's scorn
Stirring dulls roots with spring rain
A dead tree gives no shelter

What the fuck do you know?
You live with a cancerous heart
Infecting all actions taken
Infecting all virgin souls
I can't take this
Let me be
I can't take this
You can't break me
No more of your shit
No more of your lies
I'm not a fucking fool
I'm not a fucking sucker
What am I supposed to do?
These walls are closing in
I can't stomach it anymore

Fears of these epidemics
Nature's revenge on my body
The river ran up the ravine
The woods drifted up the mountain
The rain fell and gurgled in the ruts
Salt bleached skin
Already held in the lowest regard
Reality nothing
Reality nothing
What have I held on to?
Skin me
Hang my blemished hide
Beat me
Tarnish my mutilated pride
This will infect you too

The Fall:
I know that I shall meet my fate
The end will come
Waste of breath
In balance with this life
The end
The pain of another existence
Another chance to fuck up
Vague memories, nothing but memories
I am as ignorant as the passing dawn
Ignorant as the passing dawn

Walls "Tread On Me" one-sided 12"

Posted by request.

Dry-Rot "Philistine" LP

Face the Rail S/T LP

Raw Nerve S/T LP

Sex Vid "Communal Living" 12"

Timebombs "I Belong In Hell" LP

Wasted Time "Futility" LP

Total Abuse "Mutt" LP