Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cult Ritual S/T LP

Shattered up holidays. Another pig on the street and dirty faces get the creep beat down. You're the neon cop. Choke on death with your favorite holidays. He was the right man for the job but wasn't quick enough this time. Got killed. Isn't that right? Nevermind the loss, it's just a pig on a cross. Play the hero, play the killer, play the cop, play dead.

Horror Sale
Cheap death is nothing new. Garbage water looks good on you. Everyone gets fed, everyone gets fucked for cheap death. Get sick and love the taste, sometimes but not always. It's a horror sale. Life on the shelf in your favorite hell.

Ugly Years
Screaming only gets you so far, carrying stupid scars. We'll just keep our dirt to ourselves, while sister's doing well on her knees saying "please, please". After four years that might as well be erased. So keep your dirt to yourself when it sticks to the ribs. All these ugly years just got spit out.

Hide all your nightmares under your mattress and hope you don't get cut. We all heal the same way but sometimes things just get infected. Burned up and clocked out, another secret swept under the rug. You can't hide when you're nailed to the wall.

Dig a ditch then dig a deeper one. Crawl the dirty air to the losing end. Failure took a few shots to the face for the team. Hope gets defeated. They snapped their spines, didn't you read the news? Grinding life away, the perfect crime. Just crush my face under the weight of your success again and again.

Saturday's Blood
Saturday night - get killed for good. Saturday night is Wolfsblood. Forget it till you puke it up because you couldn't nail the coffin shut. Old man's bones are all broken up and Braineater is sleeping on your mother's couch. Saturday night is Wolfsblood. For everyone. Death wish in the hearts of everyone. To think that in another time, we were the chosen ones. F-U-N cast a spark again. F-U-N in the dark again.

Last Time
Cut out - burned up - got old - rot up. Can't go back and do it again. Don't we all wish we could? Sleep with a decision, caught up in some stupid shit. Now you've got to watch it die. Every time is the last time from now on.

Cancer Money
Being fucked in your death bed or dying alone from the demons in your bones; you have to choose while they sleep on their decision to deny what it takes to keep some alive. A machine breathes for the price of a priceless body that will soon be under the ground. Promises, promises, promises are blood down the drain. Open up - open up - open up. You lose. Can you decide what is yours?

Crazy Spirit S/T 7" EP

The Burning Churches
In the burning churches I pray on my knees, at the broken altars in the basement heat. Follow a calling and hand over trust, in the burning churches we dance thru the dust. Properly conditioned and brought into the herd, with needles in our eyes our souls lie inert. Take me to the king I'm gonna cut his neck, take me to your god, I'm gonna cut his head. In the burning churches, that's where you'll find me, at the broken altars in the basement heat. I stare at god and spit in his face, don't want no forgiveness, stab me in my face. Properly conditioned and brought into the herd, with needles in our eyes our souls lie inert. Take me to your king I'm gonna cut his neck, take me to your god, I'm gonna cut his head. Won't pledge allegiance, beg to be heard, beg for forgiveness, treated like dirt. Beg to be valid, beg the elite, I ain't no deviant, no deviant creed. Do you eat just cause it's there? If it tastes of poison would you even care? What if you were starving, would you give in and rot with the poison? Take me to the king I'm gonna cut his neck, take me to your god, I'm gonna cut his head.

Cool Death
So many eyes, so many legs. Sharp bite, cool death. So many eyes, so many legs. Take me now, cool death.

Slimey Leech
Pretty boy, neat and nice, new uniform, new disguise. They're coming down to cut me down, I don't even know why they hang around. Snaky tongue behind my back, I'll wait till you come crawling back. Slimy slug, slimy leech, best friend, worst enemy. Shed your fur for a shiny coat, you are the sheep I am the goat. Searching for the sweetest blood, looking sharp, feeling smug. Social ladder, social leash, kick out the ladder beneath your feet. Slimy slug, slimy leech, best friend, worst enemy. Snaky tongue behind my back, I'll wait till you come crawling back. Kick you in your lying teeth and leave you lying on the street.

Tooth and Nail
Catch a tooth and nail, spectral visions, killing children. Give us blood and sweat, raw flesh. Stinky mess, black night, swirling sight, gloating smiles, fist fight, blind dance, blissful trance. Baby all they give us is death and hate. Flashing light, deflated brain, toadish lies, false lives, black night, swirling sight, flashing light, fist fight. I cross the bridge a thousand times and for everyone I live and die a thousand lives a thousand times.

Killing Children
Tattooed eye, gypsy smile, coming down to catch her find. Endless coat, deep pockets, puts the children's bones in lockets. Demon hound at her feet licks the infantile bones clean. Sharpened talons, dancing feet, strips the plump ones for their meat.

Urban Blight "Total War" 7" EP

I was going to transcribe these but I realized you can just blow up the image and still read them. Sorry for breaking the consistency of this blog with photos of my tacky carpet. You can read the lyrics, that's all that matters.

Big Kids "Hoop Dreams" LP

Sorry for the quality, this was roughly a 12"x12" insert. If it hasn't become obvious by now, I don't have the biggest/best scanner. Requested by my main dude Eric.

Cult Ritual 3rd S/T 7" EP

Cult Ritual 2nd S/T 7" EP

Slobs "Look Busy, Do Nothing" 7" EP

Really into "Technophile Society", personally.

Francis Harold and the Holograms "Hang the Goat" b/w "Invisible Empire" 7"

White Walls "The Milk of a Lonely Man" b/w "Lady Parts" 7"

Yadokai S/T 7" EP

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nomos / the Men Split CS

Wiccans Demo CS

Raw Nerve "Nervous Habits" CS

Much Worse "Absolute Nightmare" 7" EP

See comment below.

Cross Rage S/T 7" EP

Dawn of Humans S/T 7" EP

This lyric sheet is on a transparency, half printed backwards and upside down. Good luck.

Ecoli "Rape" Demo 7" EP

Finally got a hard copy of this fucker. So good.

Sweet Tooth "Japanese Void" 7" EP

School Jerks "Control" 7" EP

Night Birds "Midnight Movies" 7" EP

Salvation "Mortality Interactions" LP

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Going to post new shit tomorrow. I have to get my printer/scanner out anyway to print out a French journal. Haven't had the motivation to pull it out of my closet.