Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walls "The Future Is Wide Open" LP

Nazi Dust "Wretched Hour" LP

Urban Blight "More Reality" LP

Someone requested this a really long time ago before I owned a copy of this LP.

Condominium "Warm Home" LP

Vacant State "Fill the Void" LP

Total Abuse "Prison Sweat" LP

Brown Sugar "...Sings of Birds and Racism" LP

Kim Phuc "Weird Skies" 7"

Pukeoid "Rabid" 7" EP

Hatred Surge S/T 7" EP

Cult Ritual "Holidays" 7"

The Ropes S/T 7" EP

Suburbanite S/T 7" EP

Vile Gash "Deluded" 7" EP

Raw Nerve "Midnight" 7" EP

Hoax 2nd S/T 7" EP

V/A - "Sick of Fun" 7" compilation EP

Condominium "Gag" 7" EP

White Wards S/T 7" EP

Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" 7" EP

I'm Dead:
I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead
I got this burning squeezing pain inside my head
I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead
When I woke up this morning I was dead

I feel this city closing in on me
My brain's pulsating, I feel it moving through me

I think I'm dying, I think I'm dying, I think I'm dying, I think I'm dead

This World Is Not My Home:
Now I'm gone, I'm not here anymore
I'm just passing through, this world is not my home
Eat the dirt from which they grow
They will never gain control.

Staring at the concrete, watching my feet
My eyes hurt cause I got no sleep
My fingers wrap around the cold and steady knife
I found my hand, it swings and jabs
My knife it cuts and stabs
Endless burning, lifeless hot
Hang from the bones and let my body rot
Don't ever wear a mask, don't ever waste my time
Knife in my hand I got it on my mind

Neon Christ "Parental Suppression" 7" EP

Concrete Facelift / Retard Strength split 7" EP

Cülo "Nuke Abuse" 7" EP

Cülo "Toxic Vision" 7" EP

Cülo "Military Trend" 7" EP

Cülo / Tenement split 7" EP

Omegas "N.Y. Terminator" 7" EP

Vaccine "Human Hatred" 7" EP


Failures S/T 7" EP

Nazi Dust Demo CS